We at Teejay firmly believe in the importance of interconnection and in adopting a reciprocal approach towards our stakeholders and the community at large. We believe that the sustainability of our profitability ultimately depends on the sustainability of the communities and environment that we are a part of, and that creating social and environmental value, while important in itself, is also integral to sustaining long-term shareholder value.

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We believe that supporting key institutions such as schools and religious institutions in the areas we work is important due to the vital role they play in moulding societies and future generations. Thus, identifying ways and means in which we can support and develop infrastructure for schools, hospitals and religious institutions in the surrounding areas spanning a radius of about 5 Kms from our factory premises, is a priority in our Corporate Social Responsibility agenda.

In addition, we maintain a healthy relationship with different societies, and engage with them frequently while supporting numerous activities which benefit the people in the area. Our engagement with the neighborhood also encompasses initiatives to nurture and uplift the natural environment in our area which is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, including environmental protection through preservation and clean-ups.

We are also planning to initiate programmes which combine income generation opportunities for the community with environmental protection, with the objective of making the surroundings cleaner, by organizing the collection of household wastage and establishing collecting centres.





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