The Teejay Group operates in the domain of Circular - Knit Manufacturing. We offer complete solutions in knitting, dyeing and finishing, with complete quality assurance for our customers. In addition, our services and solutions include Printing, Yarn Dyeing, Lace Dyeing and new product development as well. We offer knit solutions in Cotton, Cotton blends, Modals, Micro Modals, Tenecils and Synthetic solutions. Our main driving force is Quality and our quality assured raw materials form the basis of our promise on quality throughout every step of our manufacturing Process.

Manufacturing is a 3-step process which takes place across three major production units:

  • The Knitting process converts the yarn into Greige.
  • The Dyeing process colours the griege to the specified Colour.
  • The Finishing process ensures that the dyed fabric is finished to the exacting standards of our customers.
  • Our Quality Department monitors and checks each process to ensure that we maintain our highest standards for our clients.


Confirming that we meet the highest global standards of quality, the Teejay Group colour labs are accredited by our world renowned partners. Making no compromise in our production, we use all of the latest available technology in our laboratory, equipped with Sri Lanka’s first fully automated Datacolor dye dispensing system which ensures that colour recipes are met with 100% accuracy.


Our knitting machines include Orizio, Myer & Cie, Terrot, Santec and Pai Lung circular weft knitted machines, as well as Kauo Heng flatbed knitting machines capable of delivering the finest fabric as per specification. The synthetic knitting machines include Santonni machines of the highest standards.

Both online inspections and 100% quality inspections are used to ensure that our knitted products are free from defects.


Our Dye house is equipped with a fully automated dye and chemical dispensing system introduced by Color Service. Our dye machines are manufactured by Thies with jet dyeing and air flow technology. Arel technology is used to control the dye house operations while the fully automated colour dispensing system ensures colour repeatability of all fabric produced. Our investments in the latest technology in air flow machines ensure a reduction in the consumption of water, dyes, chemicals and energy in keeping with our promise on environmental sustainability. Thies dye machines are used for our Synthetic dyeing as well.


Teejay’s finishing capabilities include encapsulation, moisture management, sueding and several other customized finishes. Our finishing machines include machinery from Bruckner, Babcock and Santex with in-built automatic controls to achieve precise physical parameters.


At Teejay, we use a fully integrated SAP ERP system to control the entire process including sales and distribution, production, materials management and finance. Meanwhile, production planning is managed via the Fast React planning tool designed specifically for the industry.


In addition to these services Teejay also offers expertise in Extensive Market Search, Product Search, Trend analysis, Road Shows, Product Launches and Seasonal Collections.





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